Professional Fees

U Migrate Australia professional fees are based on our experience, the nature and complexity of your matter and the old (2016) Migration Agent Registration Authority pricing table. They do not include Department application charges or costs you may need to pay when meeting certain application criteria.


ServiceBase RateMARA 2017
Skilled Applications - up to 26 months
Subclass 482 TSS - 3 stage $5,000 Up to $5,000
Subclass 400 Temp Work (3-6 month) $2,000 Up to  $2,000
Subclass 417 Working Holiday $1,200 Up to $1,250
Subclass 186 ENS - 2 stage $5,000 Up to $5,500
Subclass 187 RSMS - 2 stage $5,500 Up to $6,000
Subclass 189 Skilled Independent $4,500 Up to $4,800
Subclass 190 Nominated - 2 stage $5,000 Up to $5,500
Partner  Applications - up to 28 months
Subclass 461 NZ Family $2,500 Up to $2,200
Subclass 820-801 Partner - 2 stage
$5,000 Up to $4,500
Subclass 309-100 Partner - 2 stage
$6,750 Up to $8,800
Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage - 1 stage $2,500 Not Available
Subclass 600 Visitor (tourist / business) $1,500 Up to $1,500
AAT Simple appeal &5,000 Up to 5,000
Legal Submissions (for agents) $1,500 Not Available
Labour Agreements $20,000
Subclass 132 Business $20,000 Up to $18,000


All U Migrate Australia professional fees are discounted from what the market rate is - considering our skills, experience and professional standing. To ensure we are competitive we also offer price matching if you provide a contract from another provider with the same level of experience, qualification and professional standing as our principal.

We may provide discounts for any individual or business if we consider it reasonable to do so, including:

  1. Business premium and platinum members;
  2. Individuals who have been referred by a FDV service, Community Legal Centre (CLC) or pro bono lawyer

Payment Plans

U Migrate Australia offer payment plans if clients can meet our criteria. Please ask to speak to the principal if you need a payment plan

How It Works

We take the base rate listed in the table above and consider factors such as how many applicants on your matter, if we have capacity to take on your matter and who in the team is best to assist you. For example: if we allocate a junior registered migration agent we will generally charge at a lower rate, even though the principal still reviews and authorises their work.


Experience refers to the level of experience your registered lawyer-migration agent has. We recommend calculating this on the basis of:

  1. When the lawyer-agent was registered with MARA;
  2. Their pre-registration experience, qualifications and history.

MARA Registration

The MARA registration date is the first 2 digits of the 6 digit registration number. For example: 1571017 means 2015.

Careful when relying on this date alone, as overseas lawyers-migration agents are not regulated in Australia and do not need to register with MARA.


Sum lawyers-migration agents may have significant experience in occupations closely related to immigration Law, which undeniably increases their experience and capacity to manage your immigration matter. This includes lawyers, paralegals, legal advocates, accountants doctors and other highly skilled professionals who work with 'client case files' as part of their occupation.

Nature and Complexity

The nature of your matter refers to the visa type you are applying for, as each visa has its own complications and requirements. The complexity of your matter is more subjective, and refers to:

  1. Your specific circumstances;
  2. Changes in the Migration Law;
  3. Your additional migrating applicants;
  4. Your ability to meet specified criteria;
  5. Your location (in or outside of Australia).

We do our best to price transparently and welcome any feedback or competitor comparison you can offer.

About Us

U Migrate Australia is owned by U Australia Pty Ltd and managed by Jason Watt, a qualified non-practicing lawyer with more than 10 years of legal industry experience. Jason's experience in immigration Law has been developing since late 2014 - focusing heavily in the areas of skilled, partner and business migration as well as appeal representation. As a non-practicing lawyer, Jason is able to run U Migrate Australia as  a registered agent and as such does not hold a legal practice certificate. Ultimately, this gives you the benefit of his education, qualification and experience with lower pricing than he could if he ran a Law firm.

About MARA

The Migration Agent Registration Authority are responsible for regulating the Australian immigration advice profession. In Australia, any person providing immigration advise or assistance (including filling in forms) must be registered with MARA - or be exempt. To be registered migration agents must have completed a specified postgraduate certification, and undertake yearly training specific to Immigration Law. Agents must have a good working knowledge of the areas they practice in and until 2016 were required to provide MARA with yearly statistics (averages) for the visas they advise on. This created the MARA pricing table we used to compair our prices against.

Practicing Lawyers

The benefits of using a lawyer clearly include the level of training and qualification in, and knowledge of, Australian Law. Accordingly, a practicing lawyer is morally restricted to practicing 'only in areas of Law in which they know well', meaning if they want to practice in Immigration Law they will usually undertake some level of training first. In addition, practicing lawyers are regulated by their relevant State - Territory associations and very specific legislation and conduct rules, giving clients opportunity to complain if they want to.

In the majority of circumstances, a lawyer will charge you more than a registered migration agent, and more than U Migrate Australia's non-practicing lawyer-registered migration agent. In this respect we recommend all consumers obtain at least 1 quote for comparative services. With reference to U Migrate Australia this means you should compaire against 'like services', or another agent who:

  • is admitted to practice as a lawyer, with post graduate immigration qualifications;
  • has around 10 years experience in varying legal positions within the Australian legal industry;
  • is registered with MARA or holds a Australian State or Territory issued unrestricted legal practicing certificate

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