Relationship Checklist

For all applicants in a spousal or partner relationship



The following document checklist is based on the Departments public guidelines and should be tailored to your specific circumstances by a MARA Registered Australian lawyer - migration agent. As a client of U migrate Australia, we provide a tailored checklist for you, your de facto, spouse or employer - as your situation requires.

Please Make sure all documents show the date of the document, name and address of the person(s) it was sent to and transactions/ document details.

Financial Aspects

joint mortgage or lease documents

joint loan documents (3,00+) - homes, cars or major appliances

joint bank account or credit card statements

household bills in both names

Household Aspects

a statement about how you share housework

mail or emails addressed to you both

documents that show joint responsibility for children

documents that prove your living arrangements

Social Aspects

joint invitations or evidence you go out together

Evidence you have friends in common

Evidence you have told government, public or commercial bodies about your relationship

Evidence you do joint sporting, cultural or social activities together

Evidence you travel together

Committment Aspects

Evidence you have knowledge of each other’s background, family situation or other personal details.

Evidence you have combined your personal matters

The terms of your wills

Evidence you stay in touch when apart



You should provide copies of your original documents in high quality, full colour .pdf files. Original documents should be scanned with a flat-bed scanner - not a phone or camera - ensuring

  1. Single page documents are scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  2. Multiple page documents are all scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  3. All .pdf files are named appropriately to identify the content, for example: James birth certificate.

Certified Copies

U Migrate Australia will inform you if your documents require certification.

Nothing on this page is intended as immigration or legal advice. You should seek assistance from a MARA registered lawyer or agent for specific advice.