Sponsor Checklist

For Employers

This document checklist is based on the Departments public guidelines and should be tailored to your specific circumstances by a professional. U Migrate Australia provides a tailored checklist via online portal to ensure your documents are relevant, necessary and secure.

we only recommend you send documents to your lawyer or agent via email if they are encrypted

Nomination Checklist


Australian Business Number (ABN) registration certificate

Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) registration certificate

Business Names Details extract from Australian Securities and Investment Commission's (ASIC) business name register.

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) company extract (listing registration details for the Australian Company Number)

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listing registration

Trust deed listing parties to the trust and the signature page

Franchise agreement listing the parties to the agreement and the signature page

Joint venture agreement listing the parties to the joint venture and the signature page

Financial reports (profit and loss statements, and annual report for the most recently concluded financial year)

Business tax returns for the most recently concluded financial year; recent business activity statements (BAS); and recent bank statements

A detailed business plan

Contracts to provide services

Contract of sale relating to the purchase of the business, where settlement has occurred

Lease agreement relating to business premises

Evidence of employment of staff

Business activity statements (BAS) for each complete quarter from commencement of operations to date of lodgement.

Training receipt(s) for relevant payments and contract(s) for any trainees or apprentices

Auditable training plan

Correctly drafted accountant letter of support

Compliance or certification reports from Work Safe or other workplace Statutory authority



Some of your original documents must be certified, then scanned and uploaded to the Department portal. You should provide your original documents along with a high quality, full colour hard copy to the person certifying your documents. Once certified, you should scan the certified copy with a flat-bed scanner - not a phone or camera - ensuring

  1. Single page documents are scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  2. Multiple page documents are all scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  3. All .pdf files are named appropriately to identify the content, for example: James birth certificate.

For our clients, you may send your original documents to U Migrate Australia for certification and we will return them, along with the certified hard copy and .pdf files. Please do not send us passports.

Ask Us

If you're strugling to understand what you need, or if you don't have the required documents we can assist. U Migrate Australia will review your documentation to ensure it is compliant and provide samples to your admin or accountant to minimise exposing your private and confidential business information to Government Departments

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