Partner Visa Changes

Lodge your partner - spouse visa before the 17 April 2019 deadline, or you may find your loved one living overseas for 2 years.


Formalise your relationship

this step is not mandatory if you have been living together for over 12 months. Regardless, we recommend you formalise your relationship with:

  1. A Australian State or Territory based relationship registration certificate;
  2. A mariage certificate.

All States and Territories in Australia except for Western Australia permit individuals to register their relationship. Common criteria include - not married - over 18 - not related and residing in the State or Territory who is registering the relationship.


Collect relationship evidence

Regardless of your relationship type, the Department require you to prove - on the balance of probabilities - you are in a genuine, committed and long term relationship with your spouse or partner to the exclusion of all others.


Collate your evidence

It's incredibly important that you understand how to present your evidence in a clear, concise and legal way. This includes being consistent with your evidece, your application forms, Form 80, Form 888 and written legal submissions to the case officer.