190 Visa Checklist

190 Checklist
State - Territory Visa

The following document checklist is based on the Departments public guidelines and should be tailored to your specific circumstances by a lawyer - registered migration agent. As a client of U migrate Australia, we provide a tailored checklist for you, your de facto, spouse or employer - as your situation requires.


Current passport showing biographical (photo) pages

Birth certificate (or family register) showing full birth details, including parents’ names

If married, divorced or widowed: Marriage certificate(s), divorce certificate(s), death certificate(s) (as applicable)

If in a de facto relationship: Evidence that you have been in this relationship for at least 12 months. U Migrate Australia recommends registering your relationship with a State or Territory authority)

If you previously changed your legal name: Evidence of the legal name change e.g. name change deed

Skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation

Current evidence of 'competent' English language ability (usually lasts 3 years)

Up-to-date resume/CV (in Word format if possible)

Certificates and academic transcripts for ALL formal qualifications

Work references for all periods of employment, written on company letterhead and signed/dated, with the contact details of the referee

If licensing/registration is required for your occupation: Evidence of your ability to meet licensing or registration requirements

If you have lived here for more than 12 months during the last 10 years: Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Certificate dated within the last 12 months

Police certificates for each country you have lived in for a cumulative period of 12 months or more, over the last 10 years, since turning 16 years of age.

If you previously carried out military service: Military service discharge document

Contract of employment and duty statement, if applicable

National identity card (both sides) if applicable

If dependent applicant is 18 years or older: evidence of dependency

Form 80 - filled in printed and signed/dated

Evidence you have been sponsored by an Australian State or Territory Government

Invitation to apply for the 190 visa, sent by the Department

Additional evidence you meet the points score detailed in your EOI - For example: NATI certified translator



You should provide copies of your original documents in high quality, full colour .pdf files. Original documents should be scanned with a flat-bed scanner - not a phone or camera - ensuring

  1. Single page documents are scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  2. Multiple page documents are all scanned into one (1) .pdf file;
  3. All .pdf files are named appropriately to identify the content, for example: James birth certificate.

Certified Copies

U Migrate Australia will inform you if your documents require certification.


U Migrate Australia updates this site regularly, and we make all efforts to ensure the information is current and accurate according to the Law at the time of publishing. Check the 'last updated' date to see if it is current (within 3 months).